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I have been reading about flexible thinking and shifting mindsets. While I was reading I came across this wonderful quote from Project Zero

The culture of the classroom teaches. It not only sets a tone for learning, but also determines what gets learned. The messages sent through the culture of the classroom communicates to students what it means to think and learn well. These messages are a curriculum in themselves, teaching students how to learn and ways of thinking.

Here is a peak into  our classroom.
This wall is where we have our Gallery. Children select their best piece of work and display it on this wall. This year I asked families to make a name tag so that the children can see at a glance where their work is displayed. 

This is our organizing wall and some of the play resources. We use this wall to display our thinking and learning. Right now I am using it to organize our learning i.e.: abc chart, student names ready for "I Wonder" thinking. I have the alphabet, student names and numbers displayed throughout the classroom.

This is our where we keep some of our learning tools; dry erase boards, music, playdoh and table puzzles. I use a drum to move the children from one activity to another.

This shelf holds the math resources that we are using for counting, patterning and sorting. I also have my math tools and assessment package in the easel tubs i.e.: counting cups

This is our library corner. Students can listen to a story or choose a book. There are also lots of animals to read with. The letters on the wall are a birthday activity. On their birthday the children paint and decorate a letter which is then displayed all year. They often count how many of the same letters, how many have been decorated and how many have not.

This is another reading area. I also put the farm and tree blocks here as I noticed that some of the children are still observing new
friends at play and like to watch from the couch.

We do Writing Workshop every day. We co-create the story and eventually the children draw the picture and write the sentence. Through this framework the children learn to use criteria, reflect on their writing and learn from each other. 

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