Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Exploration during our Forest Morning

This is a month of transitions and new beginnings for many of my students. Much of our work this  month has been settling in and learning how to work together. We began our outdoor mornings mid month and enjoyed our circle conversations, story and exploration on the school fields. 

Finally on Wednesday we had the perfect morning. We did attendance and check-in outdoors followed by our walk and talk to Wood Stream Park. We stopped just outside of the park and did our morning conversation circle, songs and stories. Mrs. Logan, our aboriginal education assistant, told the story of the Mouse and the Fir Cone. Afterwards she passed around fir cones and we were amazed to see the little mouse tails peaking out. We ended with a wide area game called 4 corners.

Then we went into the forest and I explained the five forest rules which I keep very simple:

  • don't go out of the area without an adult
  • keep out of the slope and swamp
  • walk with a stick pointed down
  • look after your friends
  • have fun and enjoy your visit

The objectives for the morning were to:

  • explore using the senses of sight, sound, touch and hearing
  • to find natural objects that provoke curiosity
  • to share excitement with other
The children were enthralled exploring their new outdoor classroom. They built dens, collected nature objects, created little mini creature homes and played tag. Before we left the children decided on their sit spot and we ended with a few minutes of quiet reflection before returning to school the same way we arrived, with a walk and talk.

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