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Daily Five Flow In Kindergarten

Daily Five Flow

At this time of year I often find that the range of learning shrinks, making it easier to integrate word work into our daily five flow. During our flow the children move at their own pace through the five strands.

The sisters (daily five) recommend that you keep it simple so that the children can focus on the skill. When the frameworks are familiar, the children are able to transition into the activity very quickly, focusing on the learning. 

I usually introduce a new activity every couple of weeks in small groups with about half the class. Then during Daily five the children can become peer teachers. I like to use flexible materials that can help children with letter sound/name fluency, blending, building words and rhyme.

I thought that you might find some of the frameworks we are doing right now useful. Here are a few:

Go Fish Rhyming Game

Playdoh Words

Sight Word Jewels

Build A Letter

Sound Bingo

Pick Up Sticks

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