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Practicing Kindness In Kindergarten

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Some of the important work that the children do in Kindergarten is practice being a good person; showing kindness, being patient and giving yourself and your friends time to learn.  

When we talk about classroom rules we always revisit the two top important rules -- being safe and being kind. I think if we honour these two rules then all of the other expectations that we have for ourselves and our children fall into place i.e.: being thoughtful, being respectful, working hard, taking acceptable risks, inclusion.... 

Yesterday we were puddle jumping in the rain (of course) and I heard one child ask another if she could play with them, the answer "of course we all play together in kindergarten". Naturally I know that we are still working on being kind throughout the day as we learn to work together but it is growing and bubbling in our room and reminds me how lucky I am to be working with children.

Last week when I was observing children in Reggio Emilia, I saw so much kindness amongst the teachers and children as well as children with each other. So much patience and the time provided for the children to work on tasks, work together and make decisions. Upon returning to my own group of Kinders we revisited our two classroom goals for working together safety and kindness with conversation, read aloud and noticing own own actions and feelings.

Presently we are working on noticing and appreciating how we take care of ourselves and how we take care of others. Some shared comments have been......

I look after my baby brother when my mom is tired.

My friend makes me feel good when she braids my hair.

I give my mom hugs because she is having a baby.

The kids moved on the bench to make room for me and my friend held my water bottle while I sat down so it didn't spill

I drink water because my dad tells me my body needs it.

I eat all my important food first and then the sweet food to look after my brain

I can dress myself for the outside. I even help to do up zippers and tried to put rain pants over her boots but it was too hard.

What are you doing to inspire Kindness in children?


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