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Writing Workshop In Reggio Inspired Kindergarten

Yesterday I was chatting with my very capable and enthusiastic student teachers about how powerful writing workshop is and that one of my favourite aspects of this research based open ended framework is that it allows students to work at their personal best.

Here is what we are doing right now....

While the children have been practicing the letter names and sounds as well as using that knowledge to create small words I decided that we should add some of those words to a word wall.

We are continuing with our writing every day. Most days the children are choosing their own stories but occasionally we create a story connected to Social Studies or Science (i.e.: What animals live in our forest?). I have changed their writing paper to include two writing boxes.

I co-created an anchor chart with the children which included our writing criteria and we added about twenty words which are usually in their stories like:  log, sun, tree, bug, ant,.... 

Then I asked the children to write one word from their story picture in the word box using a pencil.

We continued to write interactively during writing workshop each day and I introduced punctuation through mini lessons, a short sentence and a describing word. Each day we continue to check the writing criteria after our interactive write.

Next I asked the children to begin writing a short sentence such as A tree. in the story including punctuation. Some children with more developed literacy knowledge were asked to write a fat sentence using a describing word such as "A tall tree or A hungry bug. Those children are being asked to use kid writing for the describing word using the sounds that they hear. 

Each day while the children are eating lunch I meet 1:1 with a child to do a writing conference. We usually discuss what they are doing really well using a thumb's up/side/down as part of their reflection, their partner conversations, how they support each other, set a small writing goal or for some children practice writing the sentence together.  We all enjoy these meetings and I try to meet individually with at least two children each day.

In the meantime we are doing a few transition literacy games using jolly phonic actions to create fat words like f a t and the children are telling me the letter name from the action or from the sound.

How is your daily writing going?

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