Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Working Together: A Multi-Week Process

The children have been looking closely at the drawings in many of our First Nation stories. they have been interested in colour combinations as well as lines, dots, swirls and circles. I introduced this study with books and then moved to large paper with black sharpies and crayons playing My turn, Your turn with two children working in partnership. 

Next we visited a grade four classroom to play the same game with us using those same lines, swirls, dashes and circles shaded with crayons.

Last week the children began to plan their large mural by painting dots, concentric circles, mixing paint colours and deciding on different colour combinations. This week they filled in the white space with some of our preschool guests. Finally the children worked with our grade two and grade four buddies to add onto our murals with black and white paint using the lines, swirls and dots.
This has been great fun and a wonderful way to build classroom and school community.


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