Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Twirling Twigs

We collected a small branch and some twigs to make our first nature craft for the new forest or as the children call it the Woodlands. The children worked in small groups with an adult to decorate the twigs with washi tape and then string them together with yarn or twine and then add a painted rock for weight to stabilize it. Then they chose out of the way branches and hung them in the forest. A few of the children make their own twirling twigs to leave in the forest. And just in case you're wondering yes it was hard to wrap the twine/yarn around the rock without it slipping off. There were quite a few attempts and lots of different strategies like choosing a bumpy shaped rock or an oval rock, using about 3 feet of wool/twine to wrap around the rock or tying especially tight knots.


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