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Kindergarten Math Journals

In Kindergarten I introduce journals in the fall beginning with oral story problems. We act out the problems using props and sometimes just in circle using our bodies. Then just like writing workshop we use interactive writing to draw a response to the story problem. It begins as a fifteen minute block and then grows to about twenty five minutes including a mini lesson. In the journal children can use markers, pencil crayons or pencils to show their thinking. If they need to make a change we simply use label stickers.

By October we have created an anchor chart for math showing tallies, draw it out or using objects to solve the math problem and are doing math problems two or three times a week. Then once they have a good understanding it settles into a weekly session, usually by November.  

I like to introduce the journal problem as a whole group using the Elmo projector and we work altogether to solve the problem. As many of the problems can be solved with different strategies we talk about which to use and why. Eventually the children learn to work together to draw their solution with minimal support. 

Children who need extra support with their numeracy understandings can work with me during small group or quiet play in the afternoon.

When creating the problem, I use the stories that the children tell me when they come in from recess, during talking circle or in conversation during our daily walks to the forest/seashore. Then I include friendly numbers and either do a take a way or addition problem. Sometimes I only use one number and they have to decide upon the other two numbers. They really love those problems and can apply their own common sense and numeracy to the problem.

To differentiate the problem is easy since I create the problems. I simply change the numbers once they know the strategies and then all of the children are successful.


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