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Spring Literacy In Kindergarten

This last month the children are really working collaboratively, enjoying these final few weeks together. The spring literacy program is designed to prepare the children for grade one by reviewing concepts and placing an extra emphasis on sight words and rhyme.

If you are looking for some fresh ideas for your daily literacy play here are a few that the children are really enjoying:

Roll & Write
The children roll a die and print the sight word in the column. The object of the game is to fill all of the boxes. The children use skinny markers to write the words. I purchased my set at TPT and have a wide range of sheets including an editable one. This allows me to do rhyming words or sight words.

Beginning Sound / Letter Match Up
The children have a little board game from Orchard Toys which matches up pictures/letters with a board. One thing that I like is that the child can choose to match a picture with letters on the board or flip the board over and match letters to the pictures.

I use fewer letters and objects  for 1:1 practice

As you can see I use a broader range of letters for literacy play.
Beginning Sound Letter & Object Match
I have these beautiful letters from my friend Megan who sewed them (using my fabric). In the fall the children matched upper case and lower case however now they pick objects from a basket and match them to the letter (beginning sound). But you can also use the same game for ending sounds.

Rhyme Word & Picture Bingo
The children draw a word card and cover the picture on their bingo card. Once all the boxes are covered the game is over.
Go Fish - Bug In A Jug Orchard Toys
Just like the traditional game the children choose four random cards and lay the rest of the cards face down. Partners take turns asking each other for a rhyme and if not choose a new card from the pile. I have had this game for years and it is still in amazing condition.

Cards can be face up or face down. Partners take turns picking matching pairs.

Sight Word Bingo
The children still love to play bingo and now they are using our classroom word wall. We play word wall games all the time so they are constantly using the word wall during writing workshop and during word wall games. They write the words on dry erase boards or sometimes like to make a paper copy. I have some pre-made sheets that they have easy access to.

Story Play
This is an oral story telling activity. The children can begin with a provocation that was set up before school, shop the adjacent shelf for different materials and co-create a oral story.

The literacy circle games this month are:

Rhyming I Have Who Has
This quick paced circle game is from TPT.  Player 1 calls out I have tree who has cat? The remaining students check their cards to see if they have the rhyming match and call out. The game ends when everyone has had a turn. They love this game and always ask for it when we have an extra ten minutes.
I put five sight words on the board face down. I put dashes to represent the letters in the word and write the alphabet on the dry erase board. The children guess letters and I fill in the spaces until the spell the words, crossing off letters as I go along. Iike to separate the vowels from the consonants and have been using sight words from our word wall. This encourages the children to scan the word wall for approbate words.

Erase a Rhyme
Draw several little pictures on the dry erase board. Then say a word which rhymes with one of the pictures. When the student guesses the word erase it. If it is a partner activity then you could print off pictures and have rhyming word cards for them to read. (cat/bat, boat/coat, hen/pen).

Corner Grocery Store
I use a basket and assorted items from the grocery store. We sing Raffi's song and the children rhyme i.e.: corn/horn, book/hook. Nonsense rhyme is accepted. I found this game idea on Balanced Literacy Diet

Felt Story: 5 Green and Speckled Frogs; 5 Little Ducks, Slipper Fish (Charlotte Diamond oversize song cards & large felt story pieces)

Finger Play: Five Little Monkeys, Itsy Bitsy Spider

Songs: The Ants go Marching; Over In The Meadow

Books: Raffi song books are always a big hit, some with puppets like the spider book. I also visit the public library for some wonderful rhyming picture books to round off my personal collection.


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