Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

A Typical Day In a BC Kindergarten Program

A Typical Day In Kindergarten


In our Reggio Inspired program the children flow from one learning activity to another.  As educators we teach with intention and follow the BC Early Learning Framework which encourages us to offer both a place based nature program and play based experiences for your children.

To nurture independent habits of mind the children begin their indoor morning with familiar routines such as undressing, completing a check in and transitioning to a table activity and is followed by a transition to literacy or math play. During exploration one teacher is observing while the second is in the Atelier, supporting learners. 

Here are some examples of our Reggio Emilia program:
  • Digging and pouring in a sensory table
  • Spacious learning areas  to support experiences like block building
  • Experimenting with art and drawing on an easel, paper, or other materials
  • Discovering insects, leaves, and flowers, and sorting and collecting things they find in the playground
  • Planning discussions to encourage children to verbalize their ideas and promote conversations amongst them
  • Setting up opportunities around the classroom for children to explore the world of the written code: books, notepads and writing tools, labels, maps, and more
  • Inviting children to document their thoughts and ideas through photographs, discussions, videos, or voice recordings
  • Dancing, jumping, running, kicking, climbing, and other physical movements
  • Engaging with music, sound, and singing
  • Playing and investigating outdoors to learn about the world around them
  • Investigating dramatic play storylines and ideas, involving cooperation and creative expression, and finding expressions of ideas
  • Setting up invitations for children to develop relationships with each other
  • Designing a responsive and beautiful learning environment that supports the children's interests and needs
  • Encouraging collaboration and problem-solving amongst children themselves, and between children and teachers       -------       *inspired by KLA blog
Our days together are filled with playful experiences, lots of new learning, listening to stories and revisiting familiar materials and routines. 

On our offsite mornings the children enjoy circle time, snack, exploration and sometimes a focused activity for math, art, science or literacy outdoors. On these days our classroom activities are adjusted so that the children are not rushed and take into consideration the learning experiences that have taken place outdoors.

The BC Kindergarten curriculum was originally developed for a half day program. When BC moved to full day kindergarten the intention was to give children time to build relationships with the educators and their peers. The curriculum content remained the same. This provides children with a slower pace and expanded time for play-real play which the child initiates, is child led and they can stop and start the play whenever they want, which makes our learning so joyful and sustains a play based and place based program.


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