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January 10th, 2022 Newsletter

Welcome back!

This month the students will begin to learn about CVC words. They spent the first parts of the school year learning letter names and sounds. We have now reached the point where we can take this skill to the next level and begin blending and segmenting simple CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words.

Our goal is for our students to stretch out words they don’t know and blend them together.  These short words are a great place to start when practicing this skill.  Students who have a strong foundation in letter sounds will be successful when blending CVC words.  Your children will be exposed to the process of stretching out words when reading. We will continue to practice our letter names and sounds as well through our literacy play activities, circle time and small group work.

There are many different ways to teach these words.  I love to teach this skill in conjunction with rhyming.  We pick a word family, find the rhymes, and then read and write the CVC words.  The –at family is a great place to start! Because of this the Show and Tell for January will focus on a mystery object with 3 rhyming clues. For example if you child is brining a can, three clues might be man, pan, Dan.  A separate letter will be coming home this week with the January schedule and a more detailed explanation. 

We will be continuing with the Heggerty Kindergarten Curriculum and add Jolly Phonic videos which includes many fun songs and actions.

In Math pattern work will continue as the students transition from simple AB patterns to complex patterns using loose parts. They will be practicing copying, building and extending complex patterns.

Before the students transition to number sets up to ten, we will review decomposing number up to five and then increase numbers to ten using math stories (like Quack!), together with manipulatives like unfix cubes. 

Thank you,

Liz McCaw

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