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Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Kindergarten Spring Math Play

A few days a week before the children arrive at school I set up the room with playful invitations for math. I make my decisions based on what I have learned about the children. For example I have a large group that love to build so I changed my domino
number block matching game to a math tower game which appeals to those builders. For my students who enjoy art activities I created an art math invitation for them to draw secret number stories using new chunky pencil crayons.

These are a few of the math invitations that have been on the tables most recently.

We have been busy this spring enjoying lots of time outside with the arrival of May's warm weather. As we transition into our classroom one of the popular soft starts has been Math Play.

The children never tire of this using bingo dobbers and a die with a game board. In the spring I look for free sheets that have number up to 12 while in the fall I look for sheets with numbers to ten and linked to familiar stories like Pete The Cat.

We work on dot numbers all year using different game boards found on Pinterest. The partners take turns rolling a die in the wooden bowl and cover a matching number with a token. On this game board the dot numbers are arranged in different configurations than the die

Number Towers

Children work together in small groups to match a domino with a Sumblox wooden number. Then they stack the pairs on top of each other to build a tower.

Chute and Ladders

Board games are a new interest for my students. Presently we have two games on the shelves but Chutes and Ladders is definitely the most popular.

Stem Explorers Kit

This building centre part of our Geometry and Shapes group of activities and is regularly pulled off the math shelf during self directed play.

There are photo cards as well for those children who enjoy following step by step directions. I purchased this kit from Learning Resources through Amazon

Spring Geometry Shapes

This centre is pulled out by the kids all of the time and is a popular choice during math play. They either use the task cards or create their own designs. These task cards are a free download at tpt Melissa Moran

Coding Unplugged

These coding discus from Tree Fort Toys have been such a big success. Although I set up the game for the children before school. After they play the game, they redesign it and sometimes add a few more loose parts from a nearby shelf. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope that some of our math play supports your math program.


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