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Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

May 7th Newsletter

Good afternoon,

We had a wonderful visit to the Dairy Farm. I made a little slide show and just need to upload to FreshGrade. I haven't had success from my home computer and am hoping that I will have more luck at school on Monday.

It was nice to see the sun this weekend even though it is shadowed with clouds threatening more rain.

We have planned to be outdoors Tuesday through Friday however it is weather dependent. If it rains we will remain at school.

Our seed potatoes are growing like crazy and we have moved them to the school garden. We will do some measuring and watering this week. The children really liked the open space in the classroom so we will add a new large pot and plant some flowers. Our sunflower seeds have sprouted and will probably be ready to go home this week.

I hope that you enjoy your Mother's Day with your family tomorrow. Unfortunately as I have been sick I am missing our family gathering. :(  as I need to be symptom free 24 hours of my head cold before close contact.   Since I missed much of last week including pro d I will skip my Social Emotional Well Being Teacher Inquiry workshop on Wednesday morning and remain with the class.

Ms. McDonald will introduce a new math investigation this week, 2D and 3D shapes. The children will continue to explore measurement during our morning mixed soft starts.

We have added a few Wednesday at 12:30 (we are in the garden every 3 weeks at this time) for some make up Science experiments for children who missed their date due to illness. If I have not contacted you please let me know if you would like a make up date and I will confirm one of the Wednesdays. 

Colour and Shape In Our Community

May's family project is one of the most fun and hopefully easiest. On a family walk take a picture of a shape and email it to me, The picture can be from nature ie: flower, interesting leaf or man made i.e.: doorway, pipe, fence post, sign... this will be integrated into Ms. McDonald's 2D and 3D investigation. Let's try to get it all done by May 23rd.

I am hoping for 6 x 6" and will use our school colour printer.
I will do a print at school and we will make a gallery wall of your photos.

Birdfeeders: I have had a lot of trouble finding sunflower seeds for our bird feeder hearts. They had a large bag at Thrifty's today but it is way more than we need. If you have sunflower seeds for the birds we would love about 3 cups.

Our caterpillars have been ordered and are expected to arrive in about a week. The chicks are expected to hatch tomorrow!!! I am setting up their new, warm home on Sunday morning and will share a little video once they hatch! We will keep them for a few days and then they will be returned to the farmer.

Lastly, the children have set a new goal recommended by Markus. They are going to work together to clean up after exploration or a soft start. Once they have attained their goal of six times we will have another celebration. i can't wait. I know they will reach the goal quickly and have already ordered mini cupcakes from Ms. Nugent and am looking forward to our party.

Thank you,


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