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What's In Your Math Centre

Whats in your math centre? 
I usually have about 3-4 locations for our math resources in my Reggio Inspired Kindergarten Room. I also have a math kit for our outdoor program as we do a lot of our math outdoors. Keep reading to see how I distribute my math materials.

Math Shelf
Above the math shelf I have our anchor charts such as counting strategies which we have co-created and some photos of the kids doing math play on the wall. If we are not using anchor charts then I usually have a math documentation panel. Because this panel is for Kinders it is  composed of photos, shares their thinking and is displayed at eye level.

Sitting on top shelf I have generic math materials like dice, numbers, number discs , ten frames and spinners that can be used for different math play

Shelf #1 has the four current math centres which are  being used for both Guided Math and self directed play. Some examples are Roll & Cover, Number Towers, Bump and Domino Match Up. When not in use they are stored flat boxes from Dollartree. I can't say enough about these. My amazingly creative colleague Stephanie Pickerell shared this strategy with me and it has made it set up so much easier.

Shelf #2 has math 2 puzzles and 2 board games. Often though a student will bring one from home to share for a few weeks such as checkers or chess.

I like to have a carpet beside the math shelf so Kinders can play right there, as well as, a math table nearby for alternate math play.

I don't store individual math tubs for manipulative there as the shelf is too small but I do have a nearby open shelf with  loose parts which are used almost every day. These materials are rotated through our shared math shelves which are just outside of my classroom. Some examples may be unifix cubes, pattern blocks, math links, jewels, pinecones, stones, seashells or sticks (cut to the same height). 

In my teacher corner I keep a math binder with game sheets like Find It!, One More, Bump, Number Towers or Roll & Build. These are regularly included in our Guided Math Activities and popular with my Kinders.

Counting Collections 
These are stored on the windowsill. Underneath the counting jars I add a bin for counting larger numbers  about mid-year. It includes cups, plates and ten frames. The reason for the separation of counting jars is so that 10 students can access them easily without congestion during Counting Collections Framework. These jars are refreshed regularly using the school KIndergarten shared counting collection from the math shelves outside of my classroom. 

Loose Parts Table
This table was introduced to the Kinders last year. It is a dedicated loose parts table set up with a playful invitation such as building rainbows or mandalas with loose parts, loose parts exploration or a new coding game designed by Kinders.  

I can't say enough about this table which is student led. It encouraged the Kinders to play math during independent centres and they were very very engaged with it. In May and June they were reset the table with a new invitation for their Kinder friends almost every day. Sooooo sweet.

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