Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Whats on your classroom walls?


I am so very fortunate to have a entire wall of windows that look out over the ocean and have a view of a beautiful fir tree. The natural light is so lovely and decreases the need for overhead lights. Instead we have lamps distributed throughout the classroom to light up the dark corners

I usually have empty picture frames attached to a wall using 3m velcro and the students opt to display their art but last year I moved the frames into the hall and hung a clothesline on the wall because the Kinders looooooved big art pieces and the frames were too small. 

We have a small  board in the cubby which we use for our Birthday Math Wall display.

These two side by side boards are used for our family photos and drawings. In the fall when the children arrive they are empty waiting for our families to share their hopes and dreams and for the children's drawings to be celebrated.

These two white boards are used for organization and our projector as I like to include digital landscapes when we are in the room. They offer another soft light, lovely sounds and a sense of being in nature even though we are in the classroom. The mirror sits on the ledge and often has been painted by the Kinders during exploration. I use a visual schedule which are photos of the children some examples are Class & Atelier, Circle Time, Snack, Outside Play, Lunch Time, Literacy , Math , Music, Library, Science and Big Buddies. I also use photos for our centre choices as in the fall they are not familiar with what is available I use the projector for centre choices which allows me to add new choices throughout the year.

We do have one board over the sink which is often used for project displays but really does not have a firm plan. If the group is young and needs extra alphabet practice then I hang a clothesline for letters, otherwise  it is used for collabortive pieces such as a 3D rainbow.

I am short on pictures but hopefully you get the gist. I sometimes wish I had more wall space for their beautiful work but am happy with what we have. 

Thanks for stopping by,  Liz

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