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I am a Nature Kindergarten teacher who has taught for over 20 years, most of that time in the Kindergarten or Preschool classroom. I has a Masters in Early Education, author (Outside our Window: developing a primary nature program), researcher, innovator, mentor, collaborator, presenter, leader and lifelong learner. 

Currently I teach a Reggio Inspired Nature Kindergarten in Nanaimo BC, write for my blog Nature Play on Vancouver Island and work as a consultant. I believe strongly in the power of Reggio’s tenant of the environment as third teacher and the power of children’s learning through nature. My hobby is to work with teachers to transform their classroom to convey a sense of calmness, beauty, natural light and include elements of nature.

Nature based classrooms are powerful programs that seamlessly merge early childhood and environmental education to develop a lifelong connection with the natural world. This book is for preschool and primary educators who are thinking about adding a nature component to their current program and for those who have started to take their students outside and are looking for more information to run a successful and safe outdoor program. 

This user-friendly book provides guidance on how to organize, manage and resource a nature early learning program.

Book Reviews have been posted on the site :)

This book is available through PayPal  Strong Nations  and Kool and Child (in Nanaimo)

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