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Kinder Winter Work

I am so excited to share the portfolios with my kinders on Monday. I decided to wait until Monday because we have a long stretch in the morning with no interruptions which will enable the kids to view their portfolios one at a time or I can leave it running during play centres.

My biggest challenge this week with the portfolio project is finding time to conference with the students. I missed two days of school last week so I am behind in conferencing and have quite a pile of exemplars for the kids to choose their portfolio piece. We are lucky to have Miss Virgin our student teacher so that one of us can conference with a student while the other teaches. Hopefully I will get all caught up before she finishes her practicum on Friday.

We are beginning our winter theme this week now that we have become experts on spiders. We haven't done too much creative art lately so this is a perfect theme for designing and building a winter village of little houses, roads, snow people, trees and other village buildings. They have been talking about box art for a while so I know this will be a great mini project. If you have any small boxes at home this would be a good time to send them to school to be re-invented into buildings. I'll post pictures so that you can see our project grow over time.

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