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Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island


You have to love kinder Art!! We've been talking, drawing and playing with 2D shapes for the past few weeks. When we decided that we needed a new classroom mural the Kinders worked collaboratively to create a large one above the block centre. 

The math challenge was my idea (use 2d shapes to create objects for the mural using an assortment of sizes, colours and designs) but the actual designs came entirely from the kids. As they added pieces they decided what to create and where it went. Ryan really wanted a train trestle for his train and freight cars so he looked at several books for ideas and then our intermediate volunteers, Lunden and Ariel made it and added a second mountain. Dylan made a second train and Carly decided that we needed a rainbow and worked diligently to create a colourful one using bingo dobbers. Olivia decided that we needed a garden so together with Sarah, Kyra, Mackenzie and Cailin they created flowers and butterflies using a mix of triangles, circles and rectangles. Braxten, Jake, Nickolas and Jace all made trucks and then Braxten decided we needed trees so he made a perfect tree. Jayden and Hayden each made an airplane and Dulcie and Katelyn created hot air balloons Tobias made a house and an airplane.  I made the road and honestly I can't remember who made the mountains, but recycling paper bags really added great texture to the mural. I found the great title idea from browsing the internet and voila! one of our favourite classroom murals was created.

As we have been reading, writing and singing about friends I am thinking that a handprint mural is next with a spring theme!

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