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Playful Inquiry in Kindergarten

This year as I continue to make a shift to a Reggio Inspired practice I have begun a personal inquiry drawn upon the work of Reggio Inspired Teachers from Richmond BC. They have been working for quite a while on Playful Inquiry, first in math and now in science. As I delve deeper into inquiry my work on Playful Inquiry it feels like a just right fit for Reggio Inspired practice and my nature program.

My inquiry question is  Will creating spaces for playful inquiry create opportunities for learning and build collaborative relationships.  After working with an amazing group of children and their families last year and seeing the strength of a truly collaborative group of learners through our Kindness Project, I know that choosing collaboration as a primary goal of the Kindergarten year is important work. I think that this personal inquiry will enable me to continue to align my beliefs about how children learn with their daily school experience.

Playful Inquiry lives in learning environments which have a culture of sharing and learning together. The children grow accustomed to exploring open ended materials, are provided with a safe environment, time to investigate, playing with ideas, daily flow, an emphasis on process learning and encouragement to collaborate with each other in many different daily experiences. 

Over the next few weeks the children will be wrapping up their first two inquiries; Colours in Nature in the Fall and Patterns. We are all learning so much and I can't express how joyful it is to be a part of their learning journey.


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