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Table Work In Kindergarten

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As we prepare for the new school year I have been working with teachers to design the environment and chat about kindergarten frameworks that complement an outdoor nature program. I always use familiar frameworks because it allows the children to be independent and creates opportunities for flow, saving minutes throughout the day to add to play. Student engagement with frameworks is very high and a joy to be a part of.

Whether it is the start of your morning or coming in from your outdoor program table work is a smooth way to transition into the classroom. Once the framework has been introduced and practiced, you can set up your tables before school and the children will begin their indoor morning at tables. 

Some examples of table work may be as simple as drawing or puzzles and then gradually become more complex with  loose parts play, counting jars, playful inquiry or story play. 

Some benefits of table work are that the children begin their indoor time socially, with confidence, build stamina, strengthen relationships, introduce a playful learning element and nurture independence. It allows you time to do observations, interact, support and take photos for assessment.

After table work the children work together to put away the materials and transition to the next activity which may be a circle time, exploration or special like music, gym or library. On my onsite mornings I like to schedule my music, gym or library at 9:15 so that the child are able to flow from table work to their special, again saving time since I don't have to gather them up and organize them.

If you have favourite frameworks that you like to use for table work please share below.

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