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May Newsletter

Good morning,

I hope that you are enjoying your long weekend. I have been in the school organizing our new math cupboards for shared resources with the last of our math grant.


These last few weeks of school are going to fly by. We are beginning our final inquiry on nests using art materials, videos, books and structured conversations. The children are also interested in mason bees so I have been collecting some materials to support this interest as well.


You may have noticed that the children are using tools for counting like ice cube trays, cups and plates as their quantities have grown and they are striving for accuracy. During counting collections the children are counting by 2's, 5's or 10's. I have also introduced two new math games to the children which work on number combinations to ten Two for Ten and Spill and Count. Our math journal prompts will also focus on the number ten.

During literacy play I have continued to include a few alphabet activities but mostly I am focusing on rhyming, consonant vowel consonant words and kindergarten sight words. 

We have continued with printing practice on dry erase boards and step by step drawing to help with printing formation. 

The children are enjoying read with a friend each morning and read to self in the afternoon (with individual book boxes). 

We are also continuing with Story Play two mornings a week. The oral language, story structure have really grown this year and I love watching your children co-construct stories with a peer. I have continued to refresh the loose parts and offer a variety of materials.

The children have been writing every day on loose paper and journalling. It is amazing to watch the writing emerge with these children. Lots of peer support stretching out the sounds in a word and remembering how to print the letter.

In our Atelier, the children have been working with clay, water colour paints, poster paints, markers, beading, gel crayons and play doh. This week they will be invited to explore pastel chalk art.

Miss MacDonald has continued to accompany us on our outdoor mornings. This will continue the remainder of the school year unless she finds work. 

I hope that you are enjoying our short video clips posted on FreshGrade. The intent is to share some of the learning since COVID restrictions do not permit classroom interactions.

Thank you and have a great day!!


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