Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

February 20th Newsletter

The children have continued to document their learning. On Thursday they did black line sketches of animals which hibernate and next week they will continue with migration and adaptation. I have found a easy puppet pattern and they will be invited to make animal puppets as an extension of their learning.

Their heart maps are almost finished. The children have completed their interviews and a few remain to be painted with watercolours on Tuesday morning. This was a really engaging activity and we loved getting to know the children.

In math the children have done really well with complex patterns in the math play and I have begun to add photos to FreshGrade and send home an OSCL to families. We will continue to include pattern play in our loose parts play as well as circle games to keep the learning fresh. Their understanding of decomposition and composition of numbers is going well. This week we will use some of our leftover hearts to integrate art and math to create a mobile.

Love monsters using nature loose parts

We are resuming our Tuesday mornings at Woodsteam beginning this week and I know that the children will enjoy the walk and being able to play games like Camouflage again. 

Miss Macdonald has resumed her VIU studies  but will continue to visit us for a half day to remain connected with the children and plan her lessons for the spring practicum.

The children are busy setting a classroom goal and then decisioning on how we can best celebrate reaching the goal together. I believe that it is important to include authentic celebrations as part of the children's kindergarten experience.

I was so impressed with the Rhyming Show and Tell clues and guesses. Thank you for working with your child on that project. I am missing some of the clothe bags, if you have one at home then please send it in. If your child did not do the activity it is not too late. Just send it in and we will provide time for him/her.

Thank you, Liz McCaw

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