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Circle Conversations

Learning to listen respectfully and  to share ideas, feelings and worries are all important goals in Kindergarten. To help children build these important skills we begin our mornings together with a circle conversation. 

We begin the year by setting expectations or norms for our circle  conversation. We talk about what is important to us using the a Think Pair Share activity. I guide the conversation, invite ideas and record their thinking, wonders and questions in our class journal. As you can imagine in Kindergarten this is a process and takes time but is well worth the investment.

Later I write out the children's wonders, questions and suggestions on post it notes for sorting and more discussion. My goal is for the children to collectively agree on the norms.  This is a really important process as we have a Circle Conversation each morning, usually in the outdoor classroom and really learn over time to listen respectfully and share our thinking in a trusted space.

Here are some of the norms used in past years;

  • begin with a drumming song or pattern
  • sit in a close circle
  • stay seated
  • look at the speaker
  • use a talking stick 
  • pass on the right
  • do not comment on what is said
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