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Three Books for Your Atelier

"Creative Activity can be described as a type of 
learning process where teacher and student are 
located in the the same individual"
Arthur Koestler (from The Artful Parent)

Over the past four years I have been slowly expanding the atelier in my Kindergarten classroom. Finally I feel that I have most of the tools on my wish list, and enough money set aside for special art materials like pipettes, charcoal pencils, liquid water colours and chalk markers. 

I have also been reading a lot of blogs and building up a small collection of professional books to help with setting up invitations for process art. Here are my top three books which I use regularly for planning activities in the atelier. All three of these books encourage curiosity, creative thinking and playful learning. I have included Amazon links if you are interested in more reviews.

1. Art Workshop For Children. How to Foster Original Thinking By Barbara Rucci

This book gets five stars!!! It has a great layout and fabulous inspirational photographs of her studio and twenty five art projects. This book's focus is on the process not the product. The author included both collaborative and individual art activities including materials, tools, how to introduce and set up table provocations. Very well written.

2. Tinkerlab By Rachelle Doorley

This exceptional resource encourages parents or teachers to set aside time and space for children to "tinker" as they experiment, explore, test and enjoy self directed, hands on exploration through process learning. Rachelle's layout and photographs combined with recipes and use of re-purposed materials are excellent. 

3. A Little Bit Of Dirt By Asia Citro

This wonderful book is bursting with ideas about hands on science and art activities. As an outdoor teacher I have done many of the activities with my students including leaf art, leaf cutting station, flower petal bracelets and headbands, pine cone painting and much more. The layout is easy to read, lots of colourful photographs and includes extensions. I have used many of her ideas for process art and process play.

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