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Three Books for Your Outdoor Program

As I begin to think and plan our first weeks of Kindergarten outdoor learning and plan for our first inquiries learning about ourselves, our families and our community I look at my book collection for inspiration and support.

I have put together three books to help with planning & organizing an outdoor program, games & activities as well as storytelling throughout the year. 

I have added links with the titles if you would like to read more reviews.

1. Outside Our Window: developing a primary nature program By Liz McCaw

If the idea of an outdoor program appeals to you or if you would like to expand your program then this is a book you will want to read. This is the first book designed to help teachers plan their outdoor program and helps with scheduling, funding, community partners, safety, kits, curriculum connections and much more.

2. Play the Forest School Way By Peter Houghton & Jane Worroll

If you have already organized your outdoor program and are looking for games, crafts and activities then this handbook written for parents and teachers will be a perfect fit.

3. Old Gnome Through the Year By Suzanne Down

Last year a friend visited us in our outdoor classroom and told a gnome story.  We usually retell our stories many times and after she left the children were disappointed that I could not retell the story. After a quick phone call and email she shared the story. They loved it so much that I ordered this wonderful book recommended by my colleague and friend, Aimee, which has gnome stories throughout the year. A bonus is that it also includes step by step instructions on how to make your own gnome for storytelling.

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