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Learning Frameworks to Begin The School Year

If you are anything like the staff at our school you have already been in the room and started to think about what frameworks would best suit your grade and curriculum goals.

As a Reggio Inspired Nature Teacher I select frameworks which lend themselves to those important early learning experiences (relationship, exploration, creativity, play, experimentation and joy). Of course I also spend time designing a learning environment which is beautiful, organized, accessible by all students, filled with light and touches of nature. I consider space and flow so that the children can work in small groups, partners, in whole group or find a quiet space on their own. 

Also as a nature teacher I chose flexible learning frameworks which lend themselves to different environments; classroom, forest or seashore as well as nurture a collaborative learning approach. I have included a link to posts about each of the frameworks if you are interested in more information.

Table Work
Counting Jars
Story Play In Kindergarten
Circle Conversation
Exploration In Kindergarten
Daily Five Literacy 
Daily Three Math *you can sign up at this site and have access 3 times a month without cost
Quiet Play

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