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Five Must Have Picture Books

Hello, I am linking up today with Sandi of Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes, one of my fav bloggers. I discovered through Sandi that this idea is actually a linky party started by Lindsey over at The Teacher Wife. Link up with her to share your top five children's books.

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Don't all Kindergarten teachers love pictures books! I have so many old favourites and lots of new ones too! So I decided to pick a few favourites that my Kinders LOVED this past year.

Over In The Meadow
Illustrator: Jill McDonald  Sung by Susan Reed
Over in the Meadow PB w CDEX

This traditional rhyming song has been done by Raffi, Michael Evans and many more. There are many versions of this song including ones that have changed the lyrics to represent different environments such as Over In The Arctic. This past year we literaly sang it every day and that's not counting the times it was chosen for peer reading, independent reading or family reading. This book is a must have for Kindergarten classrooms!

Silly Sally
Author/Illustrator: Audrey Woods
Silly Sally (Big Book)

This beloved, humorous picture book features a silly, lyrical rhyme as Sally travels to town. The watercolour pictures are beautiful. My Kinders loved the rhythm of the story and would chant it together while I turned the pictures. This is available in small hardcover versions for literacy centres, audio for listening stations and big book for shared reading.

Hattie and the Fox
Author: Mem Fox Illustrator: Patricia Mullins
Hattie And The Fox

Suspense builds in this farmyard tale as the fox following the chicken is revealed bit by bit. This book is a lot of fun for shared reading and features familiar farm animals that children quickly recognize. My Kinders loved the anticipation -- what will happen to the chicken, will the fox be revealed! It's available as an oversize book, as well as soft cover and hard cover.

The Bear Snores On
Author: Karma Wilson  Illustrator: Jane Chapman
Bear Snores On
One by one each animal seeks refuge in the bears cave while Bear is sleeping, but then he as the party begins he wakes up! My Kinders loved the anticipation of the story, what animal will come next? will bear wake up? will bear be angry or happy? We made this book into a sound story (lots of noisey fun) and then rewrote it using different animals, settings and seasons. This book is available in oversize as well as softcover and hardcover.

Spider On The Floor
Author: Raffi Illustrator True Kelley
Spider on the Floor (Raffi Songs to Read)

This author/illustrator pair have many wonderful small song books perfect for a classroom bin which I have. This silly, lyrical song accompanied by colourful, playful pictures was beloved by my class. I purchased a spider hand puppet and we would have a visitor use the puppet to mime the lyrics as we sang it. Later it was a perfect literacy centre.

Oh boy it's hard to stick to five! Here they are hope that you enjoy your summer reads!  What are your top five? If you want to join the fun click on the icon below.




  1. Silly Sally and Bear Snores On are some of my favourites too. Bear Snores On was just edged out of my top 5.

    The Teacher WIfe is having a linky party (this is not my idea). Link up with her at


  2. I have nominated you for an award. Come on over to my blog to get your award.

    Mrs.G's Kindergarten in Heels

  3. Thank you Michelle. I'll pop over to have a peak!

    Liz :)

  4. It was a terrific idea. I was amazed at the number of bloggers that linked up. Terrific!


  5. I love Silly Sally! I put that one on my list too! I have added some of your other selections to my Amazon wish list...I am a sucker for a good children's book!

  6. The bear books are so adorable, I just love them! The rest of the books I am not familiar with...I will have to look those up! I am now your 78th follower :)
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  7. Hi Shawna,

    You are going to love the books. If your kids like to sing, then Over In The Meadow is fun (especially when they make up actions!)

    Liz :)

  8. I need a copy of "Silly Sally!" :)

    Make sure to stop by and enter my giveaway

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  10. Hi Courtney,

    Yes that is a great book. The children loved hearing it and eventually they could read it themselves. We made a silly sally big book using photos and fun positions with captions underneath. Lots of fun!

    Liz :)

  11. You have some great picks on your list! I love the Bear books...I have them all! Thanks for sharing!

    Newest Follower,
    Lanier's Kindergarten Lions

  12. Hi Nicole,

    Thanks it's so nice to receive feedback. They are all class favourites.

    Liz :)


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