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Mouse Count Storytelling Basket

I've been putting together a few storytelling baskets for the classroom which focus on retelling familiar stories, with a range of fun props. Storytelling is a time tested rich tool for building literacy in preschool and kindergarten aged children.

I began with choosing a few simple, fun stories. I purchased them in board book format, assembled props and dedicated a basket for each story. Then I cleared a shelf in the classroom library and placed the baskets on the shelfs.

To introduce the stories, I set up a storytelling table adjacent to the group area and told the stories during story time. As the stories were introduced they were placed on the storytelling table for a week and then moved to the storytelling shelf in the library corner.  Then I encouraged the children to use the storytelling baskets when we transitioned into the classroom each morning. 

We started with Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  A parent at my school made the ten mice using the felting method, I purchased a beautiful wooden snake and repurposed a plastic jar. I added some props like felt flower garland and pinecones and a smooth flat rock from the seashore.  This counting story is about a hungry snake who collects ten sleepy mice for his dinner. The mice outwit the snake and manage to escape by tricking him.


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