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A Smooth Transition - Getting Ready For School

Summer is coming to an end and school is just around the corner. I have already visited the school and the kindergarten room is ready for your children. Making the transition to school is easier if you spend some time in the weeks before establishing some important routines. I suggest that families work together to prepare for a smooth transition. Here are some suggestions you might find useful:

Preparing for new schedules:
  • move bedtime a little earlier each night 
  • wake up earlier in the morning
  • adjust your meal schedules i.e.: snack and lunch to school times
  • get dressed before or after breakfast
  • plan some morning activities to get you up and out of the house
  • plan a visit to the school playground

Take time to organize for school:

  • have your child practice packing a lunch and later eat their lunch - this will ensure that your child can open and close all of the containers
  • have your child practice packing and unpacking the backpack
  • designate a spot where you will put backpacks, lunch boxes, back and forth folders, library books and school papers

Build independent habits with your child:

  • have your child take off and put on his/her shoes 
  • dressing including zipping up jackets
  • helping out doing small chores like emptying the dryer or setting the table and tidying up after themselves
I hope that these suggestions help to make your school transition a little easier. Enjoy the final weeks of summer with your family.

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