Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Loose Parts and Block Play

The day before school began I moved into a different classroom in our school. The original kindergarten room had been re-configured back into a classroom. The construction was finished and most of the furniture and the previous teachers resources (although the cupboards are full of beautiful music instruments while she waits for storage to arrive in her new room) were moved in the morning and I went in with my crew to set up for Tuesday. We are still waiting for finishing work and storage but it is beautiful!!!

While we wait for block shelving I needed to find a temporary storage solution for some of the loose parts. Voila! I found an old shelf in a storage room and repurposed some baskets. The children set to work the first day doubling the construction space we had in our last room.

Wow! The loose part play is amazing. They are working side by side to create towers, museums, shops and a zoo! 

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