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5 Storage Solutions For A Reggio Inspired Mini-Atelier

Inspiration Photo
A Learning Series In A Reggio Inspired
Mini-Atelier In Public School

As your atelier expands you will want to continue to be organized, have simple expectations in place for access of materials and space whilst adding additional tools and materials. Remember to use mostly small containers so that you can maximize space and have a wide variety of choices for the children. Here are five storage solutions that have worked well for me.  Click on the titles to visit to some inspiration photos, but remember to come back.

Wooden Paint Ladder - I got this idea from a display in a shop last week and added it to my thrift store list. If you add wood planks for storage to each step it works perfectly. I loved the rustic look of an old paint ladder as well as the triangular shape. 

Storage cart - there are lots of these around. In recent years I repurposed a metal cart but found it a bit too large for the space and the flat shelves meant that the children could not roll it around or the materials tended to slide off. I wanted a small cart that the children could move independently and safely. I ended up choosing an Ikea cart because it fit perfectly into my space. If you have a large space a wooden art cart would be nice as well but they are also more pricey. 

Table - I purchased an old wooden table for $10.00!!! It fits beautifully nestled between the sink and open shelving and holds some of the larger art collections like yarn, string and an assortment of cardboard materials.

Open Shelving - Like most older schools my classroom has about 30 feet of open shelving under the windows with a depth of 14". I set aside 15 feet for the artelier and it runs alongside two tables. 

My Closed Art Storage

Closed Storage - This is where I store the art resources which are waiting to be introduced to the children, as well as larger quantities of materials already in the room. I am planning on removing some of the doors to create open display space but that is still on my long to do list.


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