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Tips to Help With the Transition to School

Marilyn Chapman, a professor at BC's institute for Early Childhood Education, provides the following tips for parents preparing their child for Kindergarten.

Reset the clock

The end of summer is the time to restore structure to your child's schedule. Try to get him/her accustomed to going to bed on time and getting 12 hours of sleep.

Washroom Break

Help your child become independent in the washroom including flushing the toilet and hand washing.

Delay Gratification

Your child will not be able to monopolize the teacher's attention, so prepare them to wait their turn.

Tidy Up

Kindergarten children are expected to put away the toys that they play with, so coach your child on tidying up.

Get off on the right foot

Kindergarten children are expected to put on their own shoes. Help your child learn to put their shoes on the proper feet independently. Sometimes drawing a smiley face on the right shoe might help. Most schools also require a pair of indoor shoes with your child's name clearly marked inside.

Get talking

Kindergarten children will learn to talk about the world, ask questions, make predictions and give their opinions in the classroom. Asking questions at home and practising inquiry will help reinforce that learning.

Snack Break

Have your child help to prepare a healthy snack and then consider doing a dry run at home.


A backpack is a easy way to haul gear to and from school. The
Canadian Chiropractic Association cautions that a backpack should not exceed 15% of a child's body weight. Don't forget to label everything your child brings to school, especially rain gear and lunch containers.

Teacher's pet

Get to know your child's teacher and don't hesitate to volunteer in the classroom and get involved in school events.

Practice Printing Name
Provide opportunities for your child to his/her name. Teach your child to use an uppercase letter for the first letter and lowercase letters for the rest of the name.

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