Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Friendly visits :)

So nice to have friends help with classroom cleaning and set up including testing out the new paint easel!!

I had already put some jars of paint in the cart beside the easel but immediately the children had their own ideas about colours, even mixing and creating their own colours. The brushes were sorted into three sizes and the girls chose the brushes for each paint colour. We let them paint for as long as they were interested and each painting was more colourful. 

They had paint jars on each side of the easel so they had some colours the same and some different. It was fun to eavesdrop and listen to the conversation as they decided which colours to share and which ones were the same. Near the end one of the girls was running quite low on blue and asked for more but then her sister offered to share and told me they were fine and did not need any help!

It was a wonderful pre-school experience to observe the two sisters working in tandem on their paintings. All 9 of them!!

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