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Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

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Happiness lies in the joy of achievement
and the thrill of creativity
-Albert Einstein

Inspired by Play School The Forest Way by Jane Worroll
Each year there are children interested in fairy stories and fairy play who love to create crowns, wear special clothing like tutu's or capes and make wands. I have a wonderful fairy sensory bin and lots of books and accessories for the children interested in fairies for story play, imaginative play and crafting.

These magic fairy wands made with sticks, yarn, leaves and flowers cast enchanting spells. This can either be put out as an invitation for story play, a creative activity or be a collective adventure with the children. My friend Aimee Blow was visiting family over the summer and created these nature magic wands with her nieces.

Since the invitation to create is open ended the children choose the materials, create a design and work, often together, to create.

Begin with a nature walk to collect nature's loose parts; leaves, sticks and flowers. Ask the children to gather five items for their wands. Alternatively you can re-purpose leftover nature materials collected for a different activity.
  • sharp scissors
  • ribbon, raffia, wool
  • craft glue or glue gun
  • sticks cut to size

Sort the decorative materials so that the children can easily shop for their preferences and scaffold support as needed depending on the child's age.

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