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September Kindergarten Read Alouds

So what should you start with?
I am a fierce advocate for reading aloud and storytelling with young children and when asked, I include it as my top literacy choice as it is right up there with conversation, songs and chants.  During a full day of kindergarten I set a goal to read  at least five stores in addition to songs, storytelling and chants including re-reading class favourites. 
As you know books with predictable text and rhyme are easier for children to learn quickly and participate in the literacy experience! The children's success builds confidence making it a very enjoyable interactive read aloud.

Which stories to start with will be for you to decide, however it might help to see what other early learning teachers love to use. I polled some friends and here are some of our must haves for those first few days.

1. Who Took The Cookies From The Cookie Jar by Bonnie Laz and Philemon Sturges
I love the bright and cheerful artwork in this version. Children love to chant through this book because of its great rhythm and fun language. I find it a perfect story for re-read, as an oral story using students names and a springboard for making your first class book of the year.

2. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
I absolutely love this book! The humour as well as the beautiful illustrations and predictable language appeals to young children. It has a natural flow and rhythm which  is delightful to read over and over again. It is super easy to retell using small props and I recently found a used board book to add to the story basket to guide children through the retelling.

3. Oh So Quiet! By Lindsey Craig

This fun story has an engaging repetitive line which the children love to chant as they anticipate what will come next.

4. I Want That Nut! By Madeline Valentine
This beautifully illustrated book resonates with the first weeks of school. The hilarious story of friendship and sharing is a must read.

5. Something From Nothing By Phoebe Gilman

This old favourite is a wonderful introduction to story play has beautiful language and the boarder illustrations tell a second story. The repetition and actions are engaging and always a favourite re-read.

If you are interested in more information on Reading Aloud please visit my post on Reading to, with and by children

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