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More Art Supplies And A New Tool

As your artelier develops here are a few possibilities to add to your growing inventory of art materials

Yarn - donated, but when I do buy some I like the thicker and more interesting yarns like those with woven with ribbon. 

Paper Straws - I purchase mine from Michaels with a 50% coupon and usually cut them down to add to the beading box and reserve some for the collage area.

Felt - I found yards of it in the art cupboard but can special order from the office specific colours. I cut the felt into small squares to reduce wastage.

Fabric - these are donated from a local seamstress, families and local quilters. I also cut fabric into small squares.

Glitter - I purchase mine from Michaels with a 50% coupon and keep it in small shaker containers.

Wooden beads - I bought mine online from Amazon they seem to have the best prices but Michaels also sells them for a good price with a coupon.

Sticker shapes -I got mine from the office and through the beautiful stuff project and this year I had some left over from an early learning outreach project.

Oil pastels- classroom supply funds. This is my first year with oil pastels so I just asked a crafty friend to recommend a brand and she said that any inexpensive brand would do.

Gel sticks - after trial and error I would recommend Faber-Castell.

Chalk markers- I ordered Posco, med tip as recommended by my crafty friend and just love them. I found an art store down island who sells individually as well as in packages. The enables me to purchase replacements of the most popular colours without having to purchase a whole package. My personal favourite right now is white.

Wood glue - this is donated by my husband as his shop buys it in huge quantities but they also sell it at Michaels so with a coupon I would probably purchase it there. My free wood offcuts come from lots of local sources.

Brayer - I have two old brayers so did not need to make a purchase but I would assume through the office as it is a pretty well used tool.

Thanks for stopping by,  Liz

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